Top 7 IFB Washing Machine Review- A Complete Guide!

review of ifb washing machines front loading and top loading

Are you on the lookout for a good washing machine? Then here are seven fantastic IFB washing machine review. We have done in-depth research to bring out only the top 7 models. Thus, we promise if you read all our IFB washing machine reviews, you will have your ideal fit by the end of this article!

IFB Washing Machine Review

Why IFB is the best?

Let’s put first things first. So, why should we go for IFB anyway? The answer is, IFB however, a local brand has world-class quality. It is the proud market leader in the front loader segment.

So, what is the reason behind this success? Well, experts say that it’s the partnership with Bosch and Siemens before entering the electronics market, that really turned the tables for the company.

They are so confident of their product quality that they are the only company that offers four years 100% super warranty and ten years of support for the machine’s spare parts. And owing to the good quality, performance, and support, the customers also love the machines. It has strong positive review backing at all the major e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. The IFB washing machine rating averages a 4.4 at Flipkart and four at Amazon, which is pretty good.

Lastly, if something does go wrong, there is a vast network of IFB washing machine service centres. And, the customers have shared good feedback about them too.

What are some unique features of IFB washing machines?

Here are thirteen washing features that keep customers happy, and they can’t stop raving about it!

1. O2 Wash

O2 Wash creates and releases uncountable oxygen bubbles. These bubbles softly rub against the clothes. The technology ensures a soft and clean wash.

2. Steam Wash

Steam when works in collaboration with water, it helps achieve a wrinkle-free and soft wash. It is the duo of water and steam that works together for this excellent result.

3. Cradle Wash

Cradle wash is the solution for washing delicate clothes like silks and clothes with embroidery and work. It gives a brilliant gentle wash to the clothes. So, now you can wash even those dry cleaning clothes at home!

4. Aqua Energie Technology

Aqua Energie Technology tackles the hard water problem. This technology breaks bicarbonates in tiny particles so that these particles flow alongside the water. It prevents scaling and helps detergent to get dissolved in the water.

5. 2-D & 3-D Wash

2-D Wash means that water oozes from lesser nozzles. This means that water comes out from only two sides. Although sufficient, it is just one step back from the 3-D Wash.

In 3-D Wash, the number of nozzles increase. The practical implication of these being that the clothes are better drenched and the detergent penetrates the clothes better.

6. Triadic Pulsator

The triadic pulsator is a powerful swirl 3-D jet of water. This technology causes the clothes to spin and rub against the soft scrub pads. And as a result of this action, dirt and stains are removed from every corner of the cloth.

7. Crescent-Shaped Drum

The drum has crescent-moon shaped grooves all over. This particular shape ensures perfect cleaning of the laundry and that too delicately.

8. Auto-Softener Dispenser And Auto Bleach

Auto softener dispenser is a tray where you can add softener. Please do not confuse it with the detergent tray. Auto Softener Dispenser is a separate tray. Some machines have a tray for bleach as well.

9. Hygiene Plus

This feature is excellent for people with sensitive skin. It makes the clothes go through extra rinse cycles. These additional washes remove all the possible traces of detergent from the clothes.

10. Laundry Add

This feature lets you add laundry in between the wash cycle.

11. Auto Balance

Auto Balance makes the machine vibrate and distributes the load evenly. Sometimes when we add laundry later, it disbalances the load an affects the wash quality.

12. Time Delay

It sometimes happens that you put clothes inside, but in between the wash, you need to go out. In such cases, you can postpone the wash cycle by 30 minutes to 24 hours.

13. Ball-Valve Technology

A floating ball is present at the mouth of the detergent dispenser. This ball lets the water pass but not the detergent. This trick ensures that detergent is used evenly in all the wash cycles, and there is no wastage of the detergent. The technology ultimately leads to a better wash.

These and many other technologies make IFB, the IFB.

Top 7 IFB Washing Machine Reviews

1. IFB Washing Machine 6kg Fully Automatic Front Loading

Model Name: Diva Aqua SX

In this first IFB Washing machine review, we are discussing Diva Aqua SX. It is an ideal machine for washing one or two people’s laundry. It is the most popular model on Amazon. The best budget-buy that balances technology, performance, and price. It is a great deal and provides the best value for money.

Talking about the technology, it has a 2-D Wash accompanied with a decent spin speed of 800 RPM. This combination gives an excellent wash for a 6 kg load. 800 RPM is a perfect spin speed for this load, and 2-D Wash is enough too. Additionally, it supports 15 dedicated wash programs for different fabric needs.

Other exciting IFB technologies that the machine carries is a crescent-shaped drum, Aqua Energie, and ball valve technology. And, the machine also supports laundry add and auto balance features.

But, the downside of this machine is that it consumes a bit more water than other front-load options of this category.

And the best part is its decent pricing. Also, the four-year warranty and 10-year spare parts support give the confidence that it will last you long.  

2. IFB Washing Machine 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load

Model Name: TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua

This top-loading IFB fully automatic washing machine is an excellent buy for a couple, small family, or single person. One of its most unique features is its big LED Screen that blends well with the home décor.

Apart from that, it has excellent performance. What this machine has extra from the above model is that it has a 3-D Wash facility. It just means that the water comes from many nozzles and drenches the clothes perfectly. The detergent also reaches the clothes completely. And to top all of this, it is equipped with triadic pulsator too! It is easily the best washing machine under 20000.

The crescent-shaped drum washes the clothes delicately. And the smart sensors help you add laundry and balance the load easily.

The downside of the machine is that its rotational speed is 720 RPM. This speed is not bad but just a bit lesser than a few models: higher the spin speed, lesser the drying time. Also, being a top-load machine, it uses 104 litres of water which is more than many front load machines.

It has four years warranty on the motor and the product and a 10-year spare parts support.

3. IFB Washing Machine 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading

Model Name: Senorita Aqua SX 6.5

Senorita Aqua SX 6.5 lies at number three in our IFB washing machine reviews. This fantastic IFB automatic washing machine is again for couples or small families of 3 or single people. Although, the machine is on the higher range of price spectrum. But, the most attractive feature of this front-loading machine is that its rotational speed is 1000 RPM. This increased spin rate means that the drying time will be less.

You must also choose this if you want to go eco-friendly because this machine uses just 43 Litres of water.

Apart from this, there are 100 wash programmes: separate programmes for different fabrics. Almost all types of materials and stains have a dedicated programme for themselves.

Other attractive features include Aqua Energie technology for softening water, 3-D wash systems, Triadic Pulsator, Crescent Moon Drum, Auto-Softener Dispenser, Hygiene Plus, and many more. Like all others, it also comes with a four-year product warranty.

The only downside of the machine is that it is a bit expensive. But indeed, the additional features make up for the extra bucks!

4. IFB Washing Machine 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading

Model Name: TL-SGDG 7.0kg Aqua

Our fourth IFB Washing Machine Review is about this top load model. Being a 7kg machine it can serve a family of four to six people well.

Priced at a very reasonable cost, it has a spin speed of 720 RPM, which is reasonably good too. Top loads machines usually need lesser spin speed. Thus, a 720 RPM is indeed suitable for this 7 kg machine. Considering it is a 7 kg machine, it can easily be the most cost-effective best washing machine under 30,000.

The machine comes equipped with 3-D Wash technology, Triadic Pulsator, Aqua Energie, Crescent-Shaped Drum for a deep clean. Other technologies are smart sensors that leverage Laundry Add, Time Delay, and Auto Balance features. The machine also has auto-softener dispenser and bleach dispenser.

The machine gives excellent results and is a great deal considering its cost. But, the only downside is that it has a relatively low spin speed. Sufficient, but low. Also, it uses 117 litres of water, which is relatively high.

5. IFB Washing Machine 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading

Model Name: Senator WXS

Senator WXS is another high-end product. The product is an 8 kg front load machine which is ideal for a family of 6 or more people. The highlight is that it can reach a maximum of 1400 RPM. This spin speed is the highest available in household machines.

Other than that it is water and energy-efficient too. We have seen other machines go up to a 3-D Wash standard. But this machine owing to its large capacity offers a 4-D Wash system. This upgrade means even more nozzles and better drenching of clothes with water and detergent. Also, the detergent mixes with the water better.

Both the spin speed and 4-D Wash are features that make this washing machine ideal in the heavy load category.

The other feature that comes with this machine is O2 Wash. Uncountable oxygen bubbles rub through the clothes and render them stain free.

Apart from these, we have the standard Aqua Energie technology, cradle wash, and ball-valve technology inbuilt.

The Senator WXS is an excellent buy with the only drawback that it is expensive. But considering that is a heavy-duty machine and its exclusive features, it is not a bad deal at all. And with a four-year warranty and ten years spare part support, you can bet it will last you long. With such dependability, it is worth investing your money in.

6. IFB Washing Machine 8.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading

Model Name: Executive Plus VX ID

Our next IFB washing machine Review is Executive Plus VX ID. An excellent washing machine, it is a heavy-duty machine made for families of 6 or more. Quite similar to the above review, it can wash 500 grams of extra laundry. Other than that, it is quite similar to the above one.

Even Executive Plus offers the fast spin speed of 1400 RPM. Also, there are 14 different wash programmes which, according to us, are enough for any households’ needs.

Apart from these, it flaunts the 9 Swirl Wave technology. In this technology, the drum spins in nine different ways that ensure that the laundry is washed most delicately and perfectly. The use of this technology is necessary too, viewing that it will wash heavy loads. Its addition means that all the clothes get evenly rubbed and scrubbed.

The machine also uses cradle wash, O2 Wash, 3-D Wash, Pet Hair Removal, Smart Sensors for automatic load balancing, Aqua Energie, and lastly the Crescent Moon Drum.

Lastly, it is an eco-friendly option from IFB as it uses only 75.65 Litres of water which is significantly less for this size of a machine.

And like all other models, it also comes with a four years super warranty and ten years spare parts support.

7. IFB Washing Machine 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading

Model Name: Elena ZX

Our last IFB washing machine review is Elena ZX. It is a fantastic high-end machine for small families of three or four people or single people. We called it high-end because it flaunts many high-end features like a 1000 RPM spin speed, 3-D Wash, and many other IFB exclusive technologies.

A spin speed as high as 1000 RPM is a rare find in the light load washing machines. And it is a useful feature if you are short of time for drying clothes. Its high RPM ensures that the clothes come out reasonably dry and do not take much effort or time for drying. This feature comes handy in monsoon and winter seasons.

But this high RPM is also the reason why the machine is a bit expensive. But still, we would say it is the best washing machine under 30,000 in the high-end category.

The water consumption of the machine is in the intermediate range, 57.85 litres. It is lesser than TL-RDW machine but not as good as Senorita Aqua 6.5.

Its other features include Express Wash, Laundry Add, Ball Valve Technology, Time Delay, Cradle Wash, Auto Balance System, Aqua Energie, and Crescent Moon Drum, etc.

Buyer’s Guide: Why, What, And How?

Now that we know the specs of the various washing machine let us understand which specifications suit your needs the best. So, before you buy an IFB washing machine, you know what is best for you!

1. Capacity

Capacity is the most crucial question to be asked before planning to buy any product. If you purchase a larger capacity product, you will be wasting money, water, and electricity. Also, if you buy a smaller machine, you will need to run it multiple times where you again waste time, water, and electricity.

5 kg or less: one or two people

5-7 kg: two to four members

8 kg or more: five or more members

The above details are just a general idea if you have more laundry than you will need a higher capacity machine.

2. Wash Programs

The more, the better. Wash programs are just pre-programmed washing cycles curated for a specific fabric. For example, you need a particular wash program for jeans, different for silk, and another one for dirty, soiled clothes.

Most IFB washing machines have eight to fifteen wash programmes inbuilt. But, Senorita Aqua is the wash program champion with more than 100 wash care programs. It has a program for almost every kind of washing you would ever come through. It definitely increases the performance but increases the cost too.

3. Temperature Setting

Do you want to prefer washing clothes in hot water? Then there is good news for you that IFB front load machines come with inbuilt heaters that can heat the water up to 95 Degree Celsius.

Although IFB washing machine top load models do not come with inbuilt heaters, it does have two separate inlets for hot and cold water. So, the choice is up to you. As long as you have a geyser to connect to, it is not that big an issue.

4. Spin Speeds

Spin speeds are one of the most crucial points when you choose your ideal model. What do we mean by spin speed is how many times the drum spins in a single minute. Spin speed in IFB washing machines varies from 720 RPM to 1400 RPM.

Spin speed implies that drying time will reduce as the speed increases. Another implication of the speed is that with a higher rate, the detergent also mixes with the water better.

5. Warranty

Warranty is something that we can rave about in case of IFB washing machines. The machine has a four year 100% warranty and IFB washing machine spare parts are available until ten years.

Both of these things are rare to find in other brands. Also, this shows the amount of confidence of the manufacturers in their product which is a good sign.

And if something does go wrong, then there are many service centres. Also, if you want help with something, you can reach IFB washing machine customer care mobile numbers, 1860 425 5678 & 1860 208 5678, anytime.

6. Price

Price is usually the deciding factor when we think about buying any new appliance for our home. And it is indeed an excellent habit to fix a lump sum budget before starting your research.

IFB washing machines price range starts from INR 16,000 to INR 48,000. Also, generally, front load machines are costlier than top-load machines. So, keep that in mind while picking your options.

Difference Between Top Load and Front Load?

1. Energy and Water Efficient

Front-loading machines are generally more water and energy-efficient than top-loading. Thus, it can be your bit for mother nature.

2. Cost

As discussed earlier, front-loading are costlier than top-loading. And given the benefits, they should be so.

3. Who cleans better?

Front-load machines win in this race too. Top load machines can be a bit rougher on clothes than front load ones.

4. Spin Speed

Front-loaders generally top this game as well. They can go up to 14000 RPM, which does not happen in top loaders. But a drawback here is that front-loaders make noise as they spin at high rates. It occurs because spinning at high rates makes the machine vibrate.

5. Convenience

Top loading machines clearly wins here. It is easier to operate them. One has to bend over in front-loading machines. To mitigate the problem, you can mount the later on 12 to 15 inches stands.

So, in a nutshell, if your budget is limited, then go for top load, but if you can spend some extra bucks, try front-loading. The latter also has better performance. Although, if you are a senior citizen and bending over is an issue, then your choice must be top load.

Why is Fully-Automatic better than Semi-Automatic?

Both the machines are excellent in their own ways. But, we feel fully automatic is the new-age answer to washing clothes.

1. Better Cleaning

The automatic machines possess high-end technology like 3-D Wash, Crescent-shaped drum, etc. Semi-automatic does not come with such advanced features. Thus, fully automatic machines win this feat.

2. Wash Programs

Semi-automatics do not provide such facilities. Wash programs provide specialized washing routines for different fabrics and stains. Thus, it is an important feature that makes fully automatic worth investing.

3. Amount Of Effort

The Semi-Automatic washing machine leaves a lot of margin for manual effort. You have to transfer the clothes from washtub to drying tub. And drain the water through manual setting. All this leaves significantly less time for multitasking.

On the other hand, washing is a piece of cake with automatic machines.

4. Safety Features like child lock

Semi-automatic do not have child lock facility, but it is there in fully automatic.

5. Space Issue

Semi-Automatic has two drums; therefore, it takes more space. Whereas, fully automatic has a single drum and takes considerably lesser space.

So, with all this in mind, we can safely say that fully automatic is better than a semi-automatic. Although the latter costs less. But considering the advantages, we would bet our money on fully automatic.


Different families have different needs. And thus need different solutions to there laundry problems. So, the first thing to keep in mind is the family size. If you are just one or two people and need a top load model, then TL-RDW 6.5 is the ideal machine for you. It is budget-friendly too!

But if the same size family prefers a front-load option, then an excellent budget-friendly machine can be, Diva Aqua SX. On the other hand, if you want a high-end model, then Senorita Aqua SX or Elena ZX is the way to go. The major difference between Senorita and Elena series is that Senerita has 100 wash programs and Elena 10.

Now, if you are a family of three or four, then TL-SGDG Aqua is the ideal option. Although it is a top load model, it offers great value for money.

Lastly, if you are a big family of four or more people, then, Senator WXS and Executive Pluss VX ID are the ideal choices. Both are heavy-duty machines giving the best quality wash. Roughly the same in the wash quality, it is just a matter of looks and capacity. Also, the price is a fraction more.

So, this was all in our IFB washing machine review. We hope it was informational. Also, if you want any more information on any machine, please drop a message below. We will be glad to answer all your queries.

Lastly, if you have a better recommendation, mention that in the comments. Our team will be happy to research it and add it to our listing.

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